Well, I’m Sarah Benson and I’d like to tell you something about myself and my journey so that you can get the best out of my advice, blogs and programs.

Like you, I’m a pretty normal person who has had the kind of dating and relationship experiences that most people can relate to. I’ve also been through my own breakups, and know from the inside how difficult and potentially destructive they can be.

When relationships break up, it is hard for the people inside them to get the kind of perspective they need to understand what really went wrong; let alone how to fix it. And without this understanding, even if they do get back together, their relationship will probably break down again before long.

It’s hard to see things from another person’s perspective; it’s even harder when you feel wronged and let down by the person concerned. But happy relationships are happy because they give both the people involved at least some of what they want. You can’t rebuild a failed relationship just by thinking about yourself.

If you understand how a happy, supportive relationship really works, then you will develop the relationship skills that will help you to build one for yourself, whether with your ex or with someone new.

The thing is that so much “traditional” dating advice is predicated on “getting” something from the opposite sex. Men want sex. Women want commitment. That is the traditional view of relationships; and there is a horrible presupposition that at rock bottom, everybody is just trying to get something for themselves.

Something that the other person would never give willingly, let alone with enthusiasm.

The trouble is that just getting things from other people will never make you (or anyone) happy. A truly happy relationship thrives on both giving and getting. And if you can understand what your partner really wants, which is different from what you want, and different too from what you probably think they want; then you can inspire their devotion instead of trying to extract it like a stubborn tooth.

There is a way you can get all the love, devotion (and sex!) that you want in your relationships. And I want to show you how you can achieve that ideal, and give you the kind of advice that actually works in the real world.

There is a massive store of free information on this website that you can browse and return to whenever you need it. I genuinely believe that you will find some of the best “get your ex back” advice on the net in these pages. The secret is to find the right mix of suggestions and advice that will work for you, and apply them.

So spend some time browsing the site – you won’t regret it. You’ll find something about most breakup situations and their related problems here.

I hope that what I write will help you in your breakup. While all breakups are different in their details, they all have things in common too; problems that arise from how we understand and relate to others.

We all wish we understood other people better at times, so if this site gives you some useful insights into your personal relationships then I will be very happy to have helped.

Love and Best Wishes,