Maybe you’ve already broken up, or perhaps your relationship is in trouble and you want to know how you can put things right. But breakups rarely come out of the blue.

There’s usually signs of problems in the relationship long before one of the partners walks out, but not everybody sees them in time. Sometimes that’s because they are in denial, and sometimes it’s because they are too heavily distracted by other issues in their lives to notice that their relationship is about to implode.

However it’s often possible to prevent breakups, if you notice the warning signs in time.

if the breakup happens anyway, you need to understand the reasons why – even if you don’t want to get your boyfriend back. Understanding why a relationship failed can help you make better choices next time; whether in the man you choose or how you mange a new relationship.


All of life is about learning.

Not all relationships are meant to last; in fact the vast majority do end in a breakup. After all, there’s only one person with whom you can spend the rest of your life!

But just because a relationship ends, it doesn’t mean it didn’t make a valuable contribution to your life. You have grown as person, built memories to cherish, learnt more about yourself, and enriched your understanding of people.

Remember, nothing is wasted. A relationship’s value is not defined solely by how long it lasted.