Texting is great – until you break up. Then it becomes more like the watched pot that never boils, except that it’s now the phone that never pings.

Texting an ex can be a minefield, but it can also be an effective way to get him back. Compared to a call, a text is easier to handle and less threatening than an angry ex letting rip. It is also something that you can prepare carefully before pressing ‘send’, which makes it less likely that you will say something you regret.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Things are already bad between you, so it’s important to keep your texts positive. Above all you want a reply, and you’re not likely to get one unless you make it as easy and painless as possible for your ex to respond.

Texting an ex is a skill you need to master, so make sure you read up about how to pitch it right before starting to type.

What About Breakups?

Unless a relationship has been conducted mostly via text or it is very casual, you should try to break it off in person. Just sending a text might be the easy way out (which is perhaps why lots of people do it), but it isn’t a nice way to treat someone you both value and like.