You want to know how to get your ex boyfriend back. Your heart is breaking and you just want the pain to stop. But how do you it? Look on the internet and you’ll find people promising to show you a few tricks that will soon make him come crawling back to you. But can they? What really works, and why?

Believe me, I understand how you feel. You mind is a whirlpool of longing, indecision and doubt. Can I get him back? Does he still love me? What do I have to do to make it happen?

Even though he’s gone you can’t forget him. No other guy in the world measures up to him. Every other guy seems shallow and boring, and you can’t imagine sharing what you once had together with anyone else.

Is there a chance for you?
Can you get your ex boyfriend back?

It’s like being obsessed. You have to get your ex boyfriend back. You just have to.

And that’s the problem. This obsession with getting him back is leading you astray. It’s making you far too ready to blame yourself for the breakup and to make excuses for him. This creates the wrong mindset for getting your ex back. It’s making you into a supplicant, a beggar – and a victim.

And yet…the chances are that he won’t come back on his own, so you need to do something to make it happen.

You Need to Raise the Bar

Did you know that people only take action when something important to them is at stake?

But most women allow themselves to be driven by their emotions after a breakup. In their desire to get their boyfriend back, they cling to him and try to reason him back into the relationship. They become fixated on the breakup instead of the reasons for it, and they are often desperate to keep in contact with their ex.

Want to know exactly what I’m talking about? Well, it this sort of thing…

Pursuing them daily – hourly, in fact – with calls and texts
Begging for another chance
Protesting your undying love
Promising the earth if only they’ll come back
Obsessing over the breakup (without trying to understand the real causes)

In fact it’s so important that you know what NOT to do after a breakup that I have written a whole article explaining it all which I strongly recommend you read it right away. You can find it here.

You won’t get your ex boyfriend back by trying to convince him it’s the right thing. In fact, every time you call, beg or sleep with him in the hope of getting him back, you queer your own pitch. You’re feeding your desire to keep some kind of hold on him, but he’s never feeling the loss of you. For him the breakup isn’t real, final – and painful. It’s gradual, effortless and easy.

Every time he sees you, hears from you, sleeps with you, the stakes go down. The breakup becomes less raw, moving on becomes more natural. In the end, he’ll hardly notice you’re gone.

get your ex boyfriend back

So you need to make the breakup into much more of a shock – for HIM.

That means not trying to be ‘friends’ (and becoming a friend with benefits). It means not doing things for him in the hope he’ll come back or being sentimental about the past and trying to resurrect your relationship that way. By all means accept the ‘friends’ label if he suggests it (you don’t want to appear angry or hostile) but be clear-eyed about your situation.

You are not ‘friends’. It’s not what you want from him, and you are not prepared to be at his beck and call.

Things have changed between you.

Can I guarantee you are going to get your ex boyfriend back? No. All breakups are different, and it’s impossible to predict the future. But I can help you to get out of the despair you’re feeling right now, and show you the best way forward. This might be reconciliation with your ex. It might be a new life with someone else.

In fact, whatever the future turns out to be, the steps you need to take are the same.

Stop the Madness, Start the Method…

1. Start With a New Life

And stop obsessing over trying to get the old one back. The old life was a failure – it led you here. Get real and don’t expect quick results. This is going to take time.

2. Don’t Be a Victim

Don’t bombard him with texts and emails telling him you’ll change, that you can work things out together and begging him to come back. Nothing will drive him away faster. You are measuring your own worth entirely by his estimate of you, and right now that is not very high. You need to change that.

3. Make a Plan

This will act as brake on the temptation to keep chasing futilely after your ex. If you have something positive to occupy you, you are less likely to mess up. A plan gives you hope that things can get better, and hope is what you need if you are going to succeed.

4. Take Time Alone

You and your ex need to spend some time apart. No exceptions. No backsliding. You will be surprised at how a few weeks of radio silence can change things. You will use the time to benefit yourself and your ex – and he’ll have time to do some thinking too, which is good. And to miss you, which is even better.

5. Reassess the Past

Stop thinking about the breakup and start thinking about the actual relationship. What really went wrong between you? When did things start to go downhill? How did you go from deliriously happy and in love to angry, estranged and broken up?

6. Find the Way Forward

Now that you know more about what went wrong, how are you going to put things right? Can they be put right? Should you even be trying? You’ve already put your heart into this relationship, and lost. You don’t want to end up back here again. You must be confident that you have enough going for you to save the relationship, and for it to be worth saving.

7. Make Contact

It’s time to get back in touch. This will be nerve-wracking so it’s important to know what you’re doing. Getting it wrong can mean the difference between success and failure, and failure would be heart-breaking after all your hard work.

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – Start With a New Life

So what’s the first step? Well, you’ll never get your ex boyfriend back until you accept that your old relationship has FAILED. And that means that you’re NOT going to try to revive it.

No, you are going to create a NEW and BETTER relationship with him. And relationship building takes time. Remember, right now BOTH of you are handicapped by the memories of the old one, the one that failed. Try to give some thought as to WHY.

What went wrong?
What was it you fought over?
What were the things that made your boyfriend unhappy?
What made you unhappy?

Thinking about all this will take time.

And that’s GOOD.

You see, the funny thing about men is that they think about a woman more when they are away from her, and fall more in love with her too. Once you understand this, you’ll see why it’s best not to smother a man when your presence, especially in the early stages of a relationship.

And why not rushing to get him back is so much more effective than chasing him.

Getting back together too quickly can actually be a bad thing. Both of you need time, space – and more self-knowledge. Changing the dynamics of your relationship will be difficult, and perhaps painful. You may end up getting hurt all over again.

And as you’re the one who wants to get your ex boyfriend back, you’re the one who will have to fight for it. You may not be successful. But if you don’t try, nobody else is going to.

Be Realistic About Your Situation

Most likely your boyfriend dumped you. And if you dumped him, he will be feeling really, really fed up, riled and resentful towards you right now, and not particularly susceptible to your charms. It’s not like when you first met, and he pursued you. The dynamic has changed completely.

You may hope that he will contact you at some point, but what if he doesn’t?

You can’t wait forever. If he doesn’t contact you, you will have to contact him.

How will you do it?

How will you know when is the right time, and what is the best way?

You need a realistic plan for where you should go from here.

But First Remember: Don’t Be a Victim

What is being a victim here? Someone who puts their fate in someone else’s hands: aka your boyfriend.

That’s what you are doing when you pursue him with calls and texts, begging for another chance.

That’s what you are doing when you beat yourself up about all the things you did wrong.

That’s what you are doing when you blame yourself for the breakup and make excuses for him.

It’s a form of abasement and that is never attractive. If he thinks you’re obsessing over him and he could have you back at the drop of a hat, your value in his eyes will plummet. That sounds harsh, but the brutal truth is that people don’t value what’s too easy to get.

You must NOT let him think you are pining for him.

Show him that you are not desperate, that you can live quite happily without him. Never mind how you feel inside, you mustn’t let that show. If he sees you getting on with your life it’ll get under his skin. He’ll wonder why you don’t look even half as miserable as he feels.

Keep this at the forefront of your mind if you are truly intent on getting your boyfriend back. This is the mindset you must have as you start working on that plan.

Make a Plan (Rather Than Making Mistakes)

Having a plan will give you focus and stop you giving in to your crazy emotions. Having a plan is the difference between flailing around making mistakes and doing what your emotions tell you, and devising an effective way to get your ex boyfriend back.

Don’t let him think that his leaving has broken your heart and destroyed your life.

To get your ex boyfriend back you need to be operating from a position of strength. You need to look as if you are in control of your life and are handling the breakup well. What you want to do is to persuade him that he has made a mistake.

In fact, you want to make him wish he’d never left you.

Three thoughts to give you hope

You know your boyfriend is attracted to you – you were his girlfriend! And that attraction can be re-ignited.

Once you understand what REALLY went wrong, you will have a real chance of putting it right.

Lots of people get back together after a breakup – it’s actually VERY COMMON, and it happens every day.

So why can’t it happen for you?

OK, your breakup may have been protracted or bitter; and you may have done things since that were foolish, rash and downright stupid. But you CAN come back from that. It’s possible. However…

It’s not going to be easy.

And it’s not going to be quick.

You will need to be patient. And you need to keep your mind fixed on your ultimate goal: to get your ex boyfriend back. (For the quick route to reconciliation, click the link below.)

How Does Your Ex Feel About YOU Now?

This is probably an all-consuming thought. Does he still love you? Does he still think about you?

Not many people can shut their feelings off like a tap, so it’s more than likely that he does. So it’s a funny thing that many of the signs he still has feelings for you can often make a woman believe the opposite; that she has lost him for good.

First, is he angry with you?

If your ex is refusing to talk to you and telling you he doesn’t want to see you again, this is actually a good sign. It’s good because it means he still has strong feelings for you. Remember, the antithesis of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference.

But right now, your relationship is making him feel imprisoned. And the more pressure you put on him, the more attractive the distant hills of freedom look to him, and the more determined he becomes to break free of his jail cell and escape. Every time you call or email him, he hears the sound of the jail door slamming behind him, and he feels trapped. So the most important thing for you to do right now is to stop chasing him.

Second, is he putting on a big show of being happy?

Is he making a big deal of enjoying himself without you? (Of course, you know this because you’ve been glued to his Facebook page. Grrr! Stop looking!)

How men cope with breakups

Is he putting on a big show of being fine about the break up, of moving on, and having fun now that he’s a free and single guy? Is he out all the time, drinking and socializing as though his life depended on it? Has his life turned into one long party, as if he’s forgotten you ever existed?

Is he even dating someone else?

Or maybe he’s throwing himself into his career or his hobbies, taking on a new project at work or devising a new and rigorous training program. He’s just ‘so busy’ with everything in his life right now.

These are all ways in which guys cope with break ups. He’s trying to convince himself that it’s great to be free again, that now he can do what he likes and have a great time partying every night. And most of all he wants to blot out the pain he’s feeling and convince himself that his life is moving on, that things are great and that he’s going to get through this.

get your ex boyfriend back

The truth is that the majority of guys think that ALL breakups are awful – no matter WHO did the dumping!

Men often find it difficult to understand and handle their emotions, and their usual way of coping is to try to block them out. That’s why a lot of guys go a bit wild after a breakup. It’s just their way of getting through a bad time.

(To find out the whole truth about how men handle breakups please visit this page.)

So What IS the Plan?

Remember when I said you need to make the breakup into a real shock for him? Well, you start the shock by following The No Contact Rule.

If you have read any advice about breakups, you will have heard of The No Contact Rule. That’s because you almost certainly won’t get your ex boyfriend back unless you follow it. But to get the most out of it, it’s important to understand just how the No Contact Rule can help you.

Take Time Alone – How to Use No Contact to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

There are two reasons why you should follow the No Contact Rule.

Healing – it’s THERAPEUTIC

The main benefit of No Contact is to give you and your boyfriend an interval in which to get over the breakup. You both need to time to heal.

Even if he dumped you, your ex is bound to have suffered some doubt and pain. And the biggest problem for you is that his feelings towards you right now are probably negative. Some time apart will give him a chance to calm down and see your relationship in a more realistic perspective. It also gives you a chance to influence that perspective and make it more favorable to you.

Even more important is what some time apart will do for you.

Right now you have a broken heart; your emotions are in turmoil – in fact, you’re in a mess. You can use this time to pull yourself out of this mess and get yourself into a much better place.

It’s absolutely vital that you make this effort. It won’t be easy, but there is no point to No Contact (and you won’t get your ex boyfriend back) if you don’t use the time to work on yourself, and turn your life around.

Using the power of yearning – will he miss you?

If you don’t contact your boyfriend for a period of time, say 30 days, he will notice (obviously), and he is likely to miss you. If he misses you enough, he might even contact you. However, depending on your breakup, it might take longer than that for him to miss you. In fact, it’s impossible to put a timeline on it.

Even if he does miss you (and he probably will), it doesn’t automatically follow that he will want to get back together with you. He may accept the pain as a necessary but temporary cross to bear while he gets over you. It will take more than just him missing you to make him feel that he HAS to be with you again.

But it will focus his mind on you. It will do more to make him think and wonder about you than anything you could say or do at this moment.

But what if he does contact you? Should you ignore him?

This can be a really bad idea.

It makes you look manipulative
It makes you look childish and immature
It makes you look as if you are serious about never wanting to see him again
It makes you look as if you have moved on

After all, you want him to see you as a changed person, someone with such a great life that they’ve got no problem exchanging few words with their ex.

You’re not bitter. You’re getting on with your life. You’re happy.

It also takes no account of your individual circumstances.

Maybe you still live with your ex
Maybe you work with him
Maybe you have children with him

If your circumstances mean you have to see him, then keep your exchanges polite and friendly, without crossing over into any hint of intimacy.

If he contacts you spontaneously, sound happy to hear from him. Tell him you’re doing fine, but you’re too busy to meet up right now. Of course it would be good to see him again sometime. Keep the conversation brief, and make sure you end it yourself.

Don’t make him think that you will never willingly speak to him again. That can only have a very negative effect.

(By now you’ll realize that No Contact is a complex subject. It’s VERY important to understand fully what it can and can’t do for you. You can find out everything you need to know about No Contact by visiting this page.)

How You Should Be Using the No Contact Period

No Contact is something you should do entirely for your own benefit.

It is the time you devote to yourself so that when you do see your ex again, you can knock him sideways with all the positive changes you have made.

This won’t be easy

In fact, this is going to be a difficult time. To get your ex boyfriend back will take courage and dedication on your part. It’s a time for endurance rather than enjoyment.

When will I be happy again?

Right now you probably think the answer to that is ‘Never’. This is the problem you must use the No Contact time to solve.

Here’s a challenging thought to consider

As long as you are dependent on someone else for your happiness, you will never be a happy person. Why? Because you have given the power to make you happy to someone else, leaving you with the constant fear of losing your happiness if – when – he decides to leave you.

Meanwhile, you can’t ever consider leaving him, because if you do you will leave your happiness behind you, with the person who owns it.

get your ex boyfriend back

No Contact is your chance to prove to yourself – and your ex – and the whole world – that you don’t need him to be happy. Maybe you still want him, but you don’t need him.

Immediately you will have given yourself a massive power surge. The person who can be happy and enjoy life without depending on anyone else can never have their happiness taken away.

Think of this as YOUR time

The No Contact period is a time you devote completely to you. YOU are the focus of everything you do now. Over the next few weeks you are going to become the best you have ever been (find out more about what No Contact can do for you here).

The first thing you must do is get out of the house. No-one ever became a better, more interesting and more desirable person by sitting at home moping, eating too much and feeling sorry for herself.

Remember you want to be the best you can be. This is how you can do it.

Keep moving – exercise!

The first thing you must do is exercise.

Use your gym membership if you have one. Walk, run, play tennis or squash, do some classes or join a sports club. Whatever it is, make sure you do something regularly (3 or more times a week) that raises your heart rate, makes you sweat a bit and releases endorphins. (These are the feel-good hormones that are stimulated by exercise, which raise your mood and make you feel good when you move.) It’s good to include some weight training in your program too, as this will build muscle tone.

But the most important thing is to get moving. Regular exercise will give you a better-toned body, clearer skin and an all-round feeling of well-being.

Make sure you eat well

Eat good quality, healthy, natural food, and drink lots of water. This will give you brighter skin, thicker, shinier hair and better health. Improving your diet can have a positive, visible effect on your appearance in just a few weeks.

Learn how to be happy

Do more of what you enjoy most. Give more time to your hobbies, and take up a new interest. What adventure or project have you always meant to do when you had the opportunity? Well, now’s the time!

You want to feel good about yourself and your life

Getting yourself moving and participating in things you enjoy will rebuild your confidence and show you that you can have a satisfying and fulfilling life without your boyfriend. No-one can have a healthy relationship with other people until they can first be happy with themselves.

You may have to work on yourself first

Think about how you feel about your relationships, not just with your ex boyfriend, but with everybody in your life.

Do you feel in control of your life?
Do you feel other people respect you, or do they take advantage of you?
Do you like yourself?
Do you think you would choose yourself as a friend?

Your relationship should never be a barricade against feeling incomplete and/or worthless. It should be a blessing that enhances your life, but does not define it. A good relationship is made by two happy people creating something together that is more than the sum of their two individual parts.

For now you must accept the breakup and start moving on towards a more rewarding life, and a more successful relationship in the future. This may be with your ex, or it may be with someone new you meet now.

Sometimes a woman finds that doing No Contact makes her realize she doesn’t want her ex back after all. It happens.

But whether or not you still want to get your ex boyfriend back, you need to understand the reasons for the breakup. Once you are calmer, you should be able to see more clearly what went wrong, and why.

Reassessing the Past – Why Did You Break Up?

Let’s start with the most basic question of all: who dumped whom?

get your ex boyfriend back

Of course there are infinite reasons why relationships fail, but one or other of these will apply in most cases, as least to some degree.

He Broke Up With You

This is the most likely scenario when it’s you trying to get your ex boyfriend back. It’s also heartbreaking, demoralizing and really knocks your confidence.

Did your boyfriend tell you why he ended it? If he did then you have something to go on, but men don’t always tell the truth at such times. Often they don’t want – or are afraid – to hurt your feelings. So they fall back on the excuse they think will be the least hurtful and upsetting (if you still need to find out the real reason for the breakup, go here).

Unless there’s some obvious reason like cheating, men usually leave because they are not getting what they need from the relationship. Despite what you are probably thinking, this isn’t sex but admiration.

When you first start dating, everything is great. You are so in love that you can’t see any flaws in each other. Being ecstatically happy is constant and effortless. You are made for each other, and nothing can possibly go wrong.

This is known as limerance, and is called the honeymoon period.

The honeymoon period can last for anything from a few days to a few weeks or months; even a year or two. Usually it depends on how often you see each other; people in long distance relationships can remain in limerance for years, if they only see each other occasionally.

But eventually it ends. Sometimes it ends more quickly for one partner, leaving the other still in the full flush of wild infatuation. Being dumped when you’re still in limerance can leave you blindsided.

How things start to go wrong

As the excitement and newness fades, you start to see each other’s flaws. You realize your partner can be irritating, difficult or wrong. You start to annoy each other more often. This is when fights can start.

This is the stage at which most relationships fail. Hence the 3 year itch; the 5 year and the 7 year…

Too often when the ‘in love’ feeling fades, there’s nothing else left to build on.

To get past this stage into the calmer waters where relationships stabilize into a strong foundation that will last, you need special skills and understanding. Most people don’t have these skills naturally, and as they never learn them, their relationships remain stuck in a battleground where both partners are fighting a defensive battle for control.

How things can remain wrong – forever

Many relationships stumble on, sometimes for years, in a kind of low-level war zone, in which neither partner is happy, yet neither one is unhappy or brave enough to leave.

You don’t want to be in this kind of relationship.

Or you might just begin to realize that you are fundamentally incompatible. These are the relationships that shouldn’t be saved, because you are just not right for each other. You need to find out which kind of relationship YOU had.

Sometimes when the limerance fades, people start to believe that their partner isn’t ‘the one’ after all. “I love you, but I’m not in love with you any more” is a common complaint for this person. When that happens, the person no longer in love will move on to the next limerance experience, and the next, and the next…

They become addicted to the feeling of being ‘in love’.

You don’t want to be this person.

(For more about what to do if HE broke up with YOU please visit this page.)

You Broke Up With Him

You may think that because you did the dumping it will be easy to get your ex boyfriend back.

This is not true. In fact, you may have to put in more effort than the woman who was dumped.

But why did you break up with him? And are you sure now that getting him back is the right thing to do – for both of you?

You need to think carefully about your reasons for changing your mind. Finding that you miss him and that the single life can be a bit lonely is not a good enough basis for a lasting relationship.

(For more about what to do if YOU broke up with HIM please visit this page.)

What If One Of You Cheated?

Cheating is one of the most difficult things to forgive, and is very destructive.

If you cheated you should think deeply about why you were unfaithful and whether your boyfriend is the right man for you.

If your boyfriend cheated, you must ask yourself why you believe the relationship is worth saving and whether you can forgive him.

(If you cheated on your boyfriend then visit this page for more help. If your boyfriend cheated on you, it’s this page.)

Most people cheat because they want to feel appreciated, although some just see an opportunity and take it because they think they won’t be found out. A one night stand that remains a secret is unlikely to affect the main relationship, but a clandestine relationship that goes on for any length of time is bound to undermine it. Few people can give the same level of passion and commitment to two different people at the same time.

(If your relationship was subject to any form of physical or emotional abuse, I strongly advise that you DO NOT try to resurrect it.)

Finding the Way Forward – SHOULD You Get Back With Your Ex?

You have now spent some time improving your life and you are beginning to feel good about yourself. You should be sufficiently calm and detached to think clearly about whether, for you, to get your ex boyfriend back is the right thing to do.

But first, you should take a look at the plan.

get your ex boyfriend back

Of course, it’s a little more complicated than that, and you have to adapt the plan to suit your own circumstances. But if you’re raring to get started, then go here to dive straight in.

So what are your reasons for wanting him back?

If your reasons spring from feelings of neediness and inadequacy then they are not good enough to justify reconciling.

You’re lonely
You’d forgotten how much you hate being single
You probably won’t find anyone better
You’ve tried dating again and you hated it
You just know everything will be different next time

No relationship based on these feelings will thrive for long. If you still feel like this, then you need to continue on working on building a satisfying life of your own before you enter into ANY new relationship.

You need to have POSITIVE reasons for getting back together if you are going to be happy. Here are some good positive reasons.

You were happy for most of the time you were together
You have lots in common
You shared the same values
You wanted the same things from life
The problems that caused the breakup can be overcome

If you are going to make a success of your new relationship, you have to adopt a new mindset.

There’s no point in trying to resurrect the old relationship.

You need to create one that is NEW and BETTER.

If you are truly ready for that, then you need to think about how you are going to get your ex to speak to you again.

The First ContactHow to Contact Your Ex

This is something that must be a very personal choice. Everybody has their favorite methods of communication, but right now you need to think about your ex’s preferences. What is going to be the best way to contact HIM?

get your ex boyfriend back

You also need to think about how YOU will cope with these methods. If your breakup was bitter, the thought of calling might be intimidating. You might find texting easier. Or if your ex is among the minority of men who respond powerfully to words, then a letter might be best.

The Ex Boyfriend Guide gives you LOADS of help here, so I really recommend that you check it out as this is such a crucial issue when you are trying to get your ex boyfriend back.

Choosing the Right Method of Contact

So how do you decide? Each method has their good and bad points.


This has immediacy and excitement, but it is also hazardous. The potential for the conversation to veer off into anger or recriminations is high. You have to be able to think on your feet, but you’ll also get a real feeling for your boyfriend’s current mood from actually talking to him “live”. That’s if he even picks up, of course.


This has immediacy too, but with a much lower risk of disaster. You can take as long as you like before you press ‘send’, and it’s much easier to remain in control. It is also intimate without being threateningly close. But not everybody likes to text…


If this was a way you often communicated, then it might be better for you than texting. The main problem is that using email can be a dangerous temptation to say too much.


This can make things very special and personal, but is probably not a good idea if your relationship was not a very long one. Writing a letter works best when you already know someone very well.

How to choose

Give some careful thought to this, and try to go with your gut instinct. The important thing is to re-open communication between you in a way that is light and unthreatening. You want to make you boyfriend comfortable talking to you again.

You are not trying to get your ex boyfriend back, not at this stage.

If he doesn’t respond, you will have to wait a while before contacting him again. Whatever you do, don’t bombard him with missives.

For more help with contacting your ex for the first time after a breakup, visit this page.

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend back – Don’t Give Up!

There’s no magic charm, fairy-tale enchantment or charmed spell that will get your ex boyfriend back in an instant. You will have to be both patient and persistent.

See it as similar to climbing a mountain.

A person standing at the bottom of a mountain, looking at the peak, thinks “I could never climb that!” It’s as if they expect to reach the summit in a single stride. And so they give up, before they’ve even started.

But no-one climbs a mountain like that – because no-one could. You climb a mountain in small steps; each one taking you closer to the top. Each step seems so little, but each step is taking you that bit further on your way to the summit.

Occasionally you stop to look back; and then you can see how far you’ve already climbed. There’s still a long way to go, but you’re beginning to believe you might make it. You keep going. When you look back again, you realise you’re more than half way there.

You can do it.

You keep going, and eventually you get there. You’ve reached the top. You stand there, looking in every direction at the view. You’ve done it.



It can be done. Believe me; I love hiking and I’ve climbed many mountains. I know.

There’s No Quick Way or Shortcut to Success

You are probably hoping that there is a template (or 10) that you can follow at this point, which will guarantee you will get your ex boyfriend back.

The truth is that relationships are organic things and do not follow scripts or pre-imagined courses. Your relationship is unique, and no-one can give you a word-by-word, pre-arranged plan to make it work.

Remember how we talked earlier about limerance, and how many relationships don’t survive after it fades? How many women don’t have the relationship skills to create a permanent, happy relationship with a real, flawed but still lovable man?

Relying on templates will eventually leave you stuck. The templates will run out, and when that happens you won’t know what to do next.

But if you become a woman who truly understands a man, and has the skills to connect with him on a deep emotional level, then you will always be able to cope when problems arise.

When your boyfriend feels that you truly ‘get’ him, he will be unable to resist the urge to get you back.

What should you do next?

Learning these relationship skills is too big a subject to be covered in a single article. To find out everything you need to know about creating better relationships, and to discover how to rebuild a deep connection with your ex, you need The Ex Boyfriend Guide.

The Ex Boyfriend Guide will guide you step-by-step from where you are now (alone and bereft) to where you want to be (back with your boyfriend). To find out more about how it can transform not just your breakup but your whole life, click on the link below.

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  1. Horatia

    My boyfriend broke up with me 7 days ago. Now looking back on the messages I sent him after that for 5 days straight I can see that I sound crazy and absolutely needy and desperate. Of course he hasn’t answered but I just want him back. What should I do?

  2. Cindy

    My boyfriend broke up with me a month ago because I was asking for a serious relationship and he said he doesn’t feel ready. But he says he wants us to stay friends. Is that a good idea (I want him back)?

  3. Donna

    My ex broke up with me the day before our 2 year anniversary, it was completely unexpected. I thought we were happy together. He said he didn’t love me anymore. We had been planning to get married and have kids in a few years. He has been going through personal issues and said that I no longer made him happy and his unhappiness was unfair to me. He said I was always a great girlfriend but he didn’t see me in his future anymore. I was totally heartbroken and for the next two days I begged for him to come back. After two days, he told me to accept it and move on. He also said I was emotionally draining him. I hate that I looked desperate to him but I miss him. I haven’t had any communication with him in 2 weeks because he said he needed space. But I’m scared he will move on without me and not want me back. What should I do?

  4. Matilda

    Hi my boyfriend and I broke up 3 weeks ago, we talked several times in the first 2 weeks and it was all positive. But last week I spoke to him on the phone and cried and told him how I felt and that I wanted to be with him and could make it work. He said there was nothing I could do to change his mind, he still cared for me, but didn’t see a future with me. He said we didn’t have enough of an emotional connection which really hurt. I haven’t spoken to him since. What is the best thing for me to do now?

  5. Monica

    My boyfriend broke up with me 2 months ago. We just started talking again after no contact. He seems hot and cold and says breaking up was the right thing to do. I don’t know what to do.

    1. Sarah

      Keep following the plan in The Ex Boyfriend Guide. It’s not usual for a guy to blow hot and cold when you reconnect. Pull back a bit when that happens and go back to the previous step.

  6. Elizabeth

    My boyfriend broke up with me 3 weeks ago and today I found out from a friend that he is seeing a new girl. It seems so fast after only three weeks and really hurtful. We work together so I see him every day and he’s always friendly and flirty. I don’t understand what’s going on or the right way to handle it.

    1. Sarah

      Your best course is to be friendly with him at work but don’t engage in any flirting. When he tries to flirt with you just say, hey I need to concentrate on this and go about your work. Start doing no contact outside anything that is not strictly work related. If he texts you then don’t respond; anything that needs to be said between you should be done at work and about work. Spend the no contact period concentrating on you, going out and having fun.

  7. Kate

    I’ve been with my bf for 2 years. He went on holiday two weeks ago and broke up with me after a week. He said he wasn’t sure if our relationship was what he wanted which I didn’t take very well; we had a massive fight and he didn’t speak to me for three days. Then he said we would talk when he got home. I heard from a friend of a friend that he has been flirting with lots of girls and spending a lot of time with one of them. I don’t know what to do. Should I ask him what’s going on? Should I wait for him to come home like he says? Should I do no contact?

    1. Sarah

      Wait until he gets back and talk it over then. Don’t deluge him with texts, that would be counterproductive. People often do and think things on holiday that don’t survive long after they get back. Get him a chance to reconnect with reality before doing anything rash.

  8. Frankie

    My boyfriend broke up with me recently, we had been together for 3 years. He said he didn’t feel the same way about me and didn’t deserve my love. He said I should move on. But I sent him texts reminding him of all we shared. He answered once or twice and then stopped. I decided to give him space and follow the no contact rule, but I’m finding it really hard. When should I text him again?

    1. Sarah

      Follow the no contact rules and give your ex time to miss you and to think about what he wants. Use the time to focus on yourself and get over the break up.

  9. Samantha

    My partner broke up with me on Friday completely out of the blue. We were due to get married this summer. He said he still loved me but wasn’t in love with me and he wanted to break up. He felt we were just friends and that he felt trapped. He said he had been thinking about it for weeks. The past few weeks in lockdown have been difficult but it still came as a complete shock. I thought we loved each other deeply and I still believe it to be true. He had planned the breakup in advance because he left straight after to stay with friends. Since then there has been no contact. He has been depressed and I’m afraid he’s blamed our relationship for it but I think it is the lockdown that is getting to him. I believe we have a strong and happy relationship and that we still have everything going for us. I am going to continue no contact but is that really the right thing? And is there any hope we could get back together?

    1. Sarah

      If he is really depressed then he will soon find out whether you are the reason now that you are apart. Give him some time to think about things by continuing the no contact. Try to keep yourself busy and make a new life, then if you want to reach out later you won’t be doing so from a position of neediness.

  10. Bree

    My boyfriend and I were together for two and a half years. We have been talking about moving in together but soon after we decided he started to change. He said he felt we never thought about anything else any more and the fun and spontaneity had gone. He says he doesn’t feel the same anymore. It’s been 3 weeks since we broke up but we’ve been talking most days. What should I do to get him back?

    1. Sarah

      Follow the plan starting with no contact. By talking all the time you are making the breakup much too easy for him.

  11. Kathy

    My ex broke up with me last week and I’m finding it hard to keep up NC. I have confidence and self-esteem issues and yesterday I couldn’t stop myself calling him. He said he can’t be in a relationship with me any more but we can be friends. Is there any chance that he’ll change his mind?

    1. Sarah

      Yes, there is still a chance. A lot of men say that after a breakup but they change their mind once you follow this plan.

  12. Maud

    My boyfriend and I were together for 3 years, some (14 months) of the time an LDR. I find it hard to let things slide which makes me bring up past quarrels whenever we have a fight. The fights are happening more often and now he says he doesn’t need this in his life any more and it’s over between us. He won’t answer my calls and texts. I don’t know what to do.

    1. Sarah

      It sounds as if you need to learn to forgive. Relationships become impossible when one partner keeps dragging up issues that are supposed to be in the past, and you need to understand why you do this. Is it insecurity? Or is it just to score points?

  13. Anna

    My boyfriend broke up with me about two weeks ago. We’ve been together for 2 years and talked about future plans such as marriage and kids. We were completely in love and our relationship was very serious. We knew and liked each other’s families and had a lot of things in common.
    There were a few problems: he gets stressed and when he does he can’t handle much emotion. Because of this, he “broke up” with me in the past; although it wasn’t really a breakup, he just stopped talking to me. He’d soon reach out again, but this time he hasn’t.
    He won’t talk to me or reply to my texts. I just can’t understand what happened or why he’s doing this. Do you think we still have a chance and if so, what should I do?

    1. Sarah

      It does sound a very sudden change. Could he have heard some gossip (true or untrue) which could have affected his view of you and your relationship?

  14. evan

    okay so we have been a bit rocky recently due to my anxiety getting worse and hes clearly sick of it so i blocked him. we haven’t spoken for some time now and i think we’ve sort of broken up without actually saying it. what do i do?

    1. Sarah

      How can he speak to you if you’ve blocked him?

  15. Sommy

    He broke up with me on the saying I deserve a better guy,he said he is not giving me the necessary love ,care and attention I need ..he went further to say the love is one sided.what should I do.i really love him

    1. Sarah

      It sounds as if he felt a bit smothered. It’s not a good idea to give more that you are getting in any relationship, so pull back and give him a chance to sort out how he really feels.

  16. Jessica

    My boyfriend and I were together for 6 months. He has keys to my place . I stupidly downloaded two dating apps when I was understressed and he found out from his friends. He felt no face to see his face, and cannot trust me. We met on the apps and he had 5 girlfriends so far in which 4 were met on the apps. Me and him met on the apps. He believed that I might be impulsive and didn’t meant to cheat not does he think I am a cheater, he forgive me but he cannot see us together in future . I also just swiped and did not even talk to the guys matched.

    I tried to beg for hours and hours over messenger for 5days, and he eventually blocked me. I know where he lives though. He live with his parent.

    What can I do. He is a very nice guy and we never actually have fights . I really want him back

    1. Sarah

      You can stop begging. FIVE DAYS????? I’m not surprised he blocked you. I’m just surprised you thought he was worth begging for. “He has keys to my place.” Do you have keys to his place? If not, why did you give him keys to yours?

  17. Victoria

    Hey, I’m not even sure if we are broken up. Sad to say but i cheated on my boyfriend and he found out through a frenemy of his. For 3 days he spoke to me and asked me so many questions promising me if i told him everything he wouldnt leave me. I did and we even staryed joking about it and talking about meeting up and having fun together. However on day 4 he completely went cold turkey. He blocked me on Instagram and blocked me from calling him, however he didnt block me on whatsapp. I begged and begged for about 2 days and even got my sister to call him, he later texted her that he wasnt angry but he wishes me the best. I sent him a final message after he told my sister that and he just read it but didnt reply. He didnt tell me himself that its over. Im in no contact for about 10 days now and its killing me that he hasnt reached out yet. We still have each other’s stuff. I should also add he had cheated on me before and i forgave him in like a week because kept begging. I dont know should i have hope for the relationship. Is he just punishing me by blocking me on Instagram? I am so confused.

    1. Sarah

      Don’t beg, that won’t bring him back. You say you still have some of his belongings; that gives him the excuse to contact you again if he wants to. Give him space and a chance to come round.

  18. Irina

    My boyfriend of 15 months and I were engaged, but then he broke up with me and said he didn’t want to see me again because it would be too difficult. I tried to talk to him, but he said that although he still loved me he didn’t see a future for us together.

    And since then he’s blocked me on everything, even though he said he wanted us to be friends.

    But then he texted me and said he did want to be friends, but I had to leave him alone until he felt comfortable about us communicating with each other.

    I texted back that I didn’t understand what he meant: were we friends or not? But then he blocked me again and since then I’ve seen him posting pictures of him with other women on Instagram.

    I don’t know what to do. I want him back so much, but I don’t know how to reach him. Please help.

    1. Sarah

      You can’t reach him openly right now. You need to withdraw and pull back, until he doesn’t feel you’re pursuing him. Better still, you need to make a new life for yourself, and post the details on social media. Keep it subtle, and make sure you post lots of pictures of you enjoying the company of other men; but DON’T make it look as if any of them is your new boyfriend. Make your ex uneasy, but don’t let him think you have moved on. Just let him brood on the thought that you could move on if you wanted to, and that you have several options.

      Right now anything he sees as overt pursuit is making him feel trapped. You have to stop putting pressure on him; and by that I mean anything HE might see as pressure, which is not necessarily what YOUR idea of pressure might be.

  19. Barbara

    My boyfriend broke up with me last week. We had lots of fights because he wasn’t making enough effort in our relationship. He agreed and said he would try harder. But the next day when we had a date he never showed up. I called him over 10 times but he didn’t answer. So I dumped him via text. But then he texted saying we should talk. I expected him to be sorry, but instead he said he wanted to break up. He said that although he still cared for me, he wasn’t in love with me any more. He said we should arrange to exchange stuff, but he doesn’t want us to meet because he’s afraid I’ll try to persuade him to come back, and he says that’s not going to happen. I want to meet up with him again so that I can convince him to give us another chance. What’s the best way to do that? And how can I get him to meet up with me, instead of using an intermediary to return his stuff?

    1. Sarah

      You’re chasing. he’s retreating. And as long as you continuing chasing, he’ll continue retreating. That’s the rut you’re in now.

      So stop chasing. If he’s that bothered about “exchanging stuff”, let him arrange it. But the best thing you can do is drop the subject, and start to withdraw. Have you heard about No Contact? It’s probably your best tactic right now. But from what you say, your boyfriend’s heart was never really in the relationship.

      Next time, don’t give more than you’re getting. If a man isn’t making much effort to see you, don’t confront him about it, because that won’t get you anywhere, as you’ve discovered. Instead stop being so available. Make it clear he has to plan if he wants to see you – don’t drop everything and run if he calls you at the last minute about a date.

  20. Katharine

    I’m trying to do no contact now but I’m really struggling. How soon can I call him without compromising my chances of getting him back?

    1. Sarah

      You can call him when you conquer your intense desire to do so. You need to get control over your emotions first; otherwise your boyfriend will sense your desperation and probably withdraw further.

  21. Jan

    We just broke up yesterday. It was coming & I could see it but I guess I tried too late. We were together for almost a year. For the past 3 months or so all we did was fight. Mostly with me being a bitch because I’m unhappy at work. By the time I realized the damage I caused & tried to fix it, he said it was too late. He said he’s done & when he’s done, that’s it. He’s even cut relatives out of his life. Is there any chance for me to get him back?

    1. Sarah

      The fact that he seems to take such a pride in his inflexibility is bad news, as he would probably see getting back together as a sign of weakness. Being a man of his word is good, of course, because it makes him seem more reliable; but life is full of problems and also of changes, and too much inflexibility can make such problems and changes impossible to maneuver. Try to remember this when you think about getting back together.

      Your first priority is to sort out the problems with your job. As long as they continue, he’d be justified in saying there’s no point in trying again, as nothing has changed. However, how supportive was he while you were still together? Did he try to help make things better or easier for you? In a good relationship, both partners should try to help the other when they are down.

      Given his nature as you describe it, it wouldn’t help to try to persuade him to try again. You must sort out your own life without him, and make a big success of it. When he sees that, he might change his mind – but then again, he might not. You must be prepared for both eventualities.

  22. Yvoette

    My boyfriend and I had been together for 8 months. He’s 2 years older than me so most things he does are way more mature than me, and most things he does are better than me. During the last 2-3 months of the relationship, i noticed that our conversations had been lesser and lesser. I understand that if he’s busy since he has work. But I found out that he would reply to his friends first instead of me. I wouldnt mind if it’s just a few minutes he reply to his friends first before me, but the fact that he only replies me hours after he replies to his friends makes me upset. I brought this topic up to him and all he said was he’s busy. This has been happening often for 2-3 months. Even though it’s like this online, but whenever we meet, he’d treat me really good, it felt like how things were when we first started the relationship. But because I was upset the fact that he treats his friends better than me online, I kept bringing this topic up to him and I guess he was really upset that he broke up with me. He says since whatever he does constantly reminds me about things he done wrongly, and that bringing this topic up always upsets both parties, the best choice is to breakup. He said he chose to break so that I’ll be happier without constantly comparing myself to others, and it’ll also stop him from disappointing me further. He apologises for not being able to live up to my expectations of being a good boyfriend. At first I didnt want to accept it, I plead him to stay and promised I will change (only for that day because the breakup happened too sudden). I went back home to think about things, and I thought it’ll be good for both of us if we have a proper closure so 4 days later I asked for a short dinner so that we can end things right, instead of using text. Now, it’s been a month since the breakup (we dont really have no contact but contact was very limited, only on snapchat to maintain snapstreaks and the things we send each other was just 1 or 2 snaps about things that we do with our friends when we are out). I’ve been changing myself for the better but im not really sure how to reach out to him. im also not really sure if i should ask him for a new relationship because i dont know if he still has feelings for me. I need help because I was sure that our feelings werent so weak that this kind of thing would just ruin it, we were so happy before and there isnt a day we wouldnt say i love you or i miss you to each other. Is there any chance for me to get back to him?

    1. Sarah

      Making such a big thing of how long he took to reply makes you look needy and insecure. If you do want him back, you’ll have to work on looking more confident and positive. Did you reply to him immediately after you finally received his message? If so, you shouldn’t have. Don’t get angry or upset. Just give his messages the same priority he gives yours.

      1. Yvoette

        how do i reach out to him? is it advisable to reach out to him after one month?

        1. Sarah

          It’s not advisable to contact him until you are emotionally ready; for more on which see here. However you said you were still in limited contact, so perhaps you should consider a period of full no contact first. And when you ARE ready to contact him again, there’s a post about how to do it here.

  23. Jane

    My story is a bit long and complicated but I’ll summarize.
    We were together for six months in total. Now I’m ashamed of this but unfortunately he had a girlfriend of four months when I met him. We were kind of in a polyamorous relationship (she didn’t know about me though). He loved her and he fell for me in the process. I guess because I was fulfilling needs he didn’t know he had untill he met me. We had a deep connection. He told me more than he has ever told anyone and always expressed this, spoke about marriage and moving to his country after we finish university. Now there came a time when he failed two subjects, and they threatened to expel him if he didn’t pay for a retake. I was there for him and offered to give him the money even though he was reluctant. This really brought us together. A month or two later he finally separated with his girlfriend (they had issues of incompatibility) & she found out about us.
    Him and I celebrated our fifth month together without her in the picture for the first time. It was a good time for both of us. Now a few weeks later after being together he told me he was surprisingly still hurting over his ex girlfriend. He didn’t understand why and he asked for space but the next day he came back and said he couldn’t stay away from me, he then reassured me that he got over his feelings and didn’t want his ex. That weekend, a group of friends all went out and his now ex-girlfriend was there as well as my boyfriend because we are in the same social circle. Him and I took a walk together and when we returned I was told by her best friend to stay away from him because he had a girlfriend. I was confused. ? Long story short. He reconciled with her behind my back. When I confronted him he says “I’m drunk please let’s not talk about this now. Please let’s do this tomorrow please.” I insisted he tell me if they got back together after all the issues and complaints he had with her, and he says “She’s always been there. What did you expect, how can I give up on that?”
    This broke my heart as he told her in front of me “I choose her not you, it’s always been her”, they then disappeared together.
    I was hateful the next day and told our social circle about the money I had given him for the two subjects.
    A few days later I met with him because I needed his help with something and I wanted to get over my hateful energy. Then one thing led to another and he told me he regretted his decision to go back to her. He said he wanted me and he needed to resolve his feelings for her and he is sorry he did it behind my back but he knew it would hurt me if he had told me what was going on. He separated with her and he said he was either going to remain single or be with me because I’m perfect for him and he was drunk and didn’t mean to act that way. We then slowly got back together over a number of days because I was slow to trust him. However, just last week Sunday. I went to see him and he broke up with me because I told people that I gave him money and I painted him as such a bad person after what he did to me that night. I tried to apologize in a long text as we were in the same room but he didn’t talk to me. then I finally accepted the break up and wished him well and expressed my gratitude for everything. I gave him back his stuff. He gave me back most of mine. He messaged me- expressing how he feels I abused him by taking him for granted and that he doesn’t feel comfortable being with someone who would forget all the things he has done for me just because of what he did on one drunken night. He said I was ungrateful and said he would only continue helping me with gym.

    Now him and I are forced to see each other because we are gym partners along with another girl and his ex girlfriend(the same one)!.
    He is helping me out because I really want to get fit and he already lives that kind of lifestyle. I was very dependent on him for 6 months as he would cook for me and take care of me, now I’ve started doing all of that for myself while he helps me with working out. I love him so much. I’m not heartbroken per say because I understand that I broke his trust and this is my karma. but it shocks me how he gave up just like that, and honestly I am scared that he’s over me. I know it’s only been a week but he is always busy and even started a cooking company where he makes health packed meals for people in the university!!!! We talk only gym related stuff and get briefly. He always cuts the conversation short but he isn’t hostile, he is just…gone.

    1. Sarah

      Change your gym. Find a new trainer. And stop seeing this man. You know you were wrong (and unwise, too!) to be with him when he already had a girlfriend, but what signs has he shown that he truly regrets the way he treated either her or you? You deserve better than this. Find a man who doesn’t deal in deceit. Don’t settle for less.

      P.S. And by the way, polyamory is when 2 or more men share one woman. What’s happening here is polygamy.

  24. Amanda

    I just don’t know if I have a chance…
    I emotionally cheated on my boyfriend with my ex for 2 months. I was confused and hearing everything I wanted from an ex but still falling in love with my boyfriend every day. I finally ended the talking to my ex, wanted to prove I was faithful to my boyfriend and we knew it was going to take time. But then, I left for a trip to Thailand for a month… about 2 weeks into it he ended it. We had been tense the past couple days and he just said he’ll never be able to trust me and he doesn’t love me anymore. He just felt like every time we talked reminded him of why he didn’t trust me. I feel like he is angry but also choosing to be indifferent. Me being on this trip when our relationship was so fragile was too much stress and he wanted some relief. I am starting no contact, but after breaking his trust- when he made it clear it was the MOST important thing to him- I just don’t know if these things will work for me.
    I want him back because we make each other better, have the same morals (I just lost sight of mine for a moment), we have the same future plans etc.

    1. Sarah

      Keep up with the no contact and give yourself some time to think. No man will be able to trust you until you are sure of your own mind. Why were you playing around with your ex? Did you give yourself enough time to get over him before starting a relationship with someone else?

  25. Elaine

    My bf broke up with me in December and I have been calling and texting him to try to get him to talk to me about it. Now I realize that was a mistake. Do I still have a chance to get him back?

    1. Sarah

      Yes, you still have a chance. But you need to back off for a while and practice no contact. And don’t try and talk to him now about the past – that comes much later.

  26. Nina

    It’s so hard. I just want him back but it’s so hard. He said it wasn’t the right time for him. I don’t understand. I thought he loved me. he told me so. And I loved him. Why didn’t he want to stay with me, if he loved me? We’ve been together for 2 years. We were happy and well suited. We even talked about marriage. But now he says it’s too soon for him. He says it’s not my fault, but he’s not ready. I just don’t know what to do. Should I tell him how wrong he is? Should I give him space? how can I make him see we are right for each other?

    1. Sarah

      Hi Nina,

      Yes, giving him space is exactly what you should do. Above all don’t try to convince him that you are right for each other, it never works. And read this post to understand more about why he says he’s not ready yet.

  27. Laura

    I’m really, really hurting. We’ed been together 2 years and I thought we were going to get married. But he never said anything, and whenever I talked about the future, he just said he hadn’t really thought about it. Then last month I couldn’t stand it any more, and I asked him when we were going to get engaged. We had an awful fight, and he stormed out. He said he couldn’t talk about that right now. Why not? It’s as if he never loved me at all. I don’t understand. We were really close. And happy. I don’t know what to do. please help.

    1. Sarah

      Hi Laura,

      When a man doesn’t want to talk about the future, its always a red flag if you’re thinking about forever. It might just be the wrong timing for him (see this post for more on that), or you might just be putting too much pressure on him too soon. You need to back off now and start practicing no contact. Give him some time and space to come round.

  28. Rebecca


    My boyfriend just broke up with my about threeish weeks ago. Even though we’re only 17, our relationship was very mature and strong. We both talked about future plans such as marriage and kids and we were both on the same page. We have been dating for about 1.5 years. We were such a strong couple, completely in love. Our relationship was very serious. He gave me a promise ring and we always said we were going to be together forever. His family loved me and my family loved him. We were really a great couple, having mutual interests.
    There were a few problems in the past. He’s very sensitive and when he gets stressed he can’t handle much emotion. Because of this, he “broke up” with me in the past. It wasn’t really a break up, he kind of just stopped talking to me. He used one of two reasons each time. Either I was being mean to him or he didn’t think he was making me happy. I wasn’t sure where either of those reasons came from. It only took one or two days for him to reach out then. He said that he was so sorry and that he was so devastated when he didn’t talk to me. He said that he couldn’t see himself with anyone else and the “break up” made him sick. I thought that this time was going to be like those in the past but after a few days he was still being cold. It’s been about a week since the last time we talked.
    Out of the blue he just stopped talking to me. We go to the same school and there we usually talk but one day he started avoiding me and stopped texting me, too. A couple days later I found him before school and tried to ask him what was going on. He didn’t really answer. When I asked him if he still wanted to be together, all he did was shrugged. I was very upset at his response and just walked away.
    When I didn’t hear a response from him the next few days, I decided to text him. I said I missed him and asked what was going on since he didn’t really give me an answer before. He responded that I was being mean to him and blaming him for everything and making fun of him. I had no idea where that had come from and when I asked him, he didn’t really respond. I was so devastated.
    A few days later I was still so upset. I decided to text him and ask him if he would talk to me if I came over. He just responded that I should leave him alone. I tried to call him but he wouldn’t answer.
    It’s been about a week since then. I’ve seen a few pictures of him on social media. He seems completely fine. Hanging out with friends and smiling. Do you think he just doesn’t care?
    Our relationship was so strong and it just doesn’t make sense that it’s over. He was so in love with me and couldn’t even stand a day without saying he misses me. His mom and friends even said that he adored me so much. And even about two hours before he started ignoring me, we were talking like normal.
    Sorry for the long narration but I’m just not sure what to do. Do you think we still have a chance even if we’re so young and have had problems in the past? If so, what should I do? I’ve been trying the NC for about a week and a half now and it just doesn’t seem like it’s going to work.. I need help.


    1. Sarah

      Hi Rebecca,

      You do seem a remarkably strong and mature girl for your age. I think you have handled this breakup very well; you haven’t become too needy or emotional and you have been practicing no contact. However, your boyfriend sounds a lot less mature and strong; he has been a bit flaky in the past, and he just doesn’t sound mature enough to handle a real adult relationship just yet. To be honest, it would be remarkable, in fact astonishing, if a boy of his age could. I think he has a lot of growing up to do yet, and perhaps he is beginning that process by realizing that his first relationship is unlikely also to be his last. That’s not to say that you might not meet again sometime in the future, when you are both at an age when people more usually think of settling down together, but I think your relationship has probably run its course for now. I know that will be hard for you to hear, but you will both be leaving school soon and the best thing for you now would be to look towards the shining future that I’m sure is waiting for a young woman as bright and clever as you.

  29. Louise

    My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday. he said we were wrong for each other. But I really loved him. I thought it was forever. I told him he was making a msitake, but he said we couldnt be together any more. he said needed space. I don’t understand what I did wrong. Please help.

    1. Sarah

      Give him what he’s asked for – space. If you find it difficult to understand, then go here to find out more.

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