how men react to the no contact rule

How Men React to the No Contact Rule

What’s the most frightening thing about doing No Contact? Not knowing. Not knowing where your ex is, what he’s thinking, what he’s feeling, what he’s doing, whether he’s thinking of YOU. It’s the main reason why women find the No Contact Rule so hard to implement, and why so many of them fail to stick…

5 Mistakes Men Make In Relationships (and How They Can Fester…)

Most relationships don’t end with a bang; instead they fade away through creeping indifference and a loss of the will to keep the flame between you alive. In these cases, the end is usually called by the woman, who decides that “there must be more to life than this”; and sets out to find it….

how men handle breakups

How Men Handle Breakups – Why Is It So Different From Women?

Women are can react strongly when they see how men handle breakups – especially when it is her guy! – as it is quite different from women. The worst thing of all is to see him go straight out and replace her. It’s this emotional laceration, more than anything else; that makes women utter those…

ruin a relationship

How to Ruin a Relationship – and How to Rebuild Trust Between You

Unfortunately finding a way to ruin a relationship is much easier than learning how to nurture it. And the tragedy is that many women keep repeating the same mistakes because they simply don’t realize what they are doing wrong. They don’t see that the way they communicate is often misunderstood by men. They don’t realize…

common relationship problems

Common Relationship‏ Problems and Their Solutions

Oh, those common relationship problems! You’ve gone through the madness of infatuation to the comfort of familiarity – but you haven’t emerged on the other side to the warmth of friendship and the bonds created by shared experiences. Instead you’ve ended up in the monotony of habit, or worse, the desert of estrangement. You no…