So your boyfriend cheated on you, but you still love him, and you’re wondering if you can forgive him. But perhaps that’s the wrong question. Maybe what you should be asking is “Should you forgive him?”

Should you forgive him indeed! That’s a very big question. If your boyfriend cheated on you, then perhaps you would be better off without him. You must think about it very carefully before you decide whether it’s right for you to try to get him back.

CAN you get him back when your boyfriend cheated on you?

Certainly – perhaps too easily at times. And this thought should make you cautious. Why did he cheat? And if your boyfriend cheated on you once, how likely is he to do it again?

Why Do Men Cheat?

The most common reason men cheat is because the opportunity presented itself. Often it’s not much more complicated than that. This is not to excuse his behavior, but unfortunately some men are not inclined or strong enough to resist temptation.

In these cases, it’s your choice as whether or not you feel you can forgive him. If your boyfriend cheated on you just because the opportunity was there then he is quite likely to do so again; but he probably doesn’t see it as having any bearing on his relationship.

your boyfriend cheated on you

This is the man who tells his woman “Honestly, it was nothing. It was just sex. It has nothing to do with our relationship, or how much I love you”.

And for him it’s probably true.

A woman has every right to demand fidelity in a committed relationship, and to expect to get it. But many men find it easy to split sex off from their emotions, and they use this dichotomy to justify their lapses. And to him, it may sound almost reasonable.

But really he just isn’t strong minded enough, or of sufficient character, or committed enough, to resist temptation.

But there are other, more dangerous reasons why men cheat.

Their sex life with their wife or girlfriend is boring and unfulfilling – or non-existent

That women lose interest in sex at some point in a long relationship has become a cliché. If it happens, then whatever the reason for it, some men may see it as a justification to look for sex elsewhere.

He can’t resist the challenge

Some men just feel empowered by “scoring”.

your boyfriend cheated on you


He thinks he can get away with it

Both men and women admit that they are more inclined to cheat if they believe they won’t be found out.

It gives him an ego boost

All men love to know that women desire them and want to sleep with them. And when they have spent time in a long-term relationship, they like to return to the field occasionally for confirmation that they still have what it takes.

The opportunity presented itself

This was Michael Douglas’s excuse in Fatal Attraction, a choice he certainly came to regret. The brutal truth is that sexual opportunity presents itself to women far more often than it does to men, which is possibly why we find it easier to say no. Carpe diem, as they say in man-land.

The gloss has long since left the mirror, so to speak

Cheating can be an escape from an unhappy or unsatisfactory relationship – for both sexes. A man can travel a surprisingly long way on the fact that being in a relationship means he is getting some reasonably regular sex. But eventually he will wake up to the fact that he is shacked up with a woman who bores or irritates him; or who he doesn’t really like that much. And at that point either the relationship will start to fall apart, or he will spend the rest of his life saying “Yes, dear”.

Women let them get away with it

Statistics show that women are far more likely than men to forgive an unfaithful partner and stay with him. He’s talked his way out of it before. So why resist?

your boyfriend cheated on you

You don’t turn him on any more

Some women stop trying when they think they’ve safely landed their man. But a man minds very much when a woman no longer makes an effort to look good for him. It makes him feel short-changed and unappreciated, and things go downhill from there.

He just doesn’t care any more

If he’s really fallen out of love with you, then there’s not much to prevent him from looking and straying elsewhere. But he might not want to go through the aggro of actually breaking up. So he embarks on an unofficial separation.

Unless it was a spur-of-the-moment thing, cheating is always a sign that something is wrong, either with your relationship or with your boyfriend. You need to know which, so that you can decide whether you should try to solve the problem.

Your Boyfriend Cheated On You – Is He Worth Getting Back?

Before you do anything about reviving your relationship, you need to be sure that it is really what you want. So you need to take some time alone so that you can think and heal – you’ve probably heard this called No Contact. To find out all about No Contact and the ways it can (and can’t) help you, visit this page).

It’s important to think about why he cheated; as this will be a good indicator of how likely he is to cheat again. Habitual cheaters usually have certain personality traits in common.

  • Narcissism – much more in love with himself than he will ever be with anyone else.
  • Selfishness – someone who only thinks about himself.
  • A shameless flirt – if he can never pass up a pretty woman without paying her marked attention even though he is with you, then this is a big red flag.
  • A habitual liar – you’ve already caught him out in so many lies that you can’t believe a word he says.
  • Suspicious and distrustful – people often judge others by themselves. So as he knows that he can’t be trusted, he assumes you can’t either.
  • He has cheated before – you can forgive a mistake, but not when it’s become a habit.

When you boyfriend cheated on you, he was in the wrong. Even he can’t escape that, so see how he reacts to the no contact period.

your boyfriend cheated on you

A man who made a mistake that he regrets and wants to put right will be contrite and eager to regain your trust. A man who doesn’t care may try to blame you for his lapse, and tell you to forget about it as it’s not important.

Your Boyfriend Cheated On You, So Use Jealousy to Your OWN Advantage

Deliberately making your boyfriend jealous is usually a bad idea. But after your boyfriend cheated on you, it can be a powerful tool for turning the tables on him.

However you need to be subtle.

Read the article on “Should You Date Others to Make Your Ex Jealous?” to find out more about some of the pitfalls involved. Nevertheless, after you boyfriend cheated on you it may be time to show him something about jealousy.

You don’t have to go out and actually start dating someone new. Rather you should let your boyfriend know that you have other options too. But you must not be too obvious about it, because you don’t want him to see it as an attempt to get back at him. This will only make you look desperate, when really you want to establish your social value in his eyes.

A woman is always more attractive to a man when he knows that other men want her too.

This is where you can make use of social media.

Use your Facebook profile to show your ex and the rest of the world what a great time you’re having. Every time you go out in a mixed group of people, take pictures that you can put up on your Facebook wall.

These pictures should be “innocent” ones of you having fun with a crowd of guys.

You don’t want it to look as if you are actually dating one or more of them. You just want to put the idea in your boyfriend’s mind that you have that opportunity, and that you could be – soon, if not right now.

your boyfriend cheated on you

All you are trying to do is paint a picture that says ‘This is my life now, and it’s great!’

But don’t go too far…

It’s crucial not to go overboard and make it look as if you are deliberately trying to make him jealous. He just needs to see you having fun with other men. He will soon get the message.

Don’t underestimate how possessive men feel about their girlfriends. What was fine for him will be quite otherwise for you, and seeing you enjoying yourself with other men will really get under his skin.

It’s not unknown for men to go on checking out their ex girlfriends’ profiles for years after they broke up with them, so he will certainly be looking at yours. (For more about how to optimize your Facebook profile to get your boyfriend back, visit this page).

If you think that you CAN forgive him, and that getting him back is the right thing for you, then visit this page for all the details of how to do it.

For the ultimate “get your ex boyfriend back” guide, your need The Ex Boyfriend Guide, which will tell everything you need to know about breakups and how to mend them. To find out more about it, click the link below.

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44 thoughts on “Your Boyfriend Cheated On You – But You Still Love Him

  1. My boyfriend of 6 months went to a party and got really drunk. A few days later I get told he touched 2 girls’ waists and bum a few times. However he is telling me he didn’t. There’s a video of the girl telling someone he was being touchy with her. What do I do? I love him a lot but I’m hurting

    1. Presumably he doesn’t behave like that when he’s sober?

  2. My boyfriend of 9 months was sexting another girl. It was going on for three weeks, by the way we are in a military relationship so we’ve had to do long distance. We had been distant in those weeks following up him coming home for two weeks but when we got here we had a huge talk and we were better than good. We were just like how we used to be, but I knew in my gut that he had done something and I went through his phone and saw videos of this girl on there. My first reaction was to break up with him and then we ended up talking for over 4 hours. I believe him when he says he will change but it just hurts so much and idk what to do. Today is Christmas and he’s supposed to come over but it’s hard to act like this thing didn’t happen.

    1. Perhaps it’s just a symptom of the world we inhabit, in which porn has gone not just online but interactive too.

      1. My bf of 9months cheated on me with a toxic friend. Me and him had gotten in an argument and he went to her for advice and she told him to leave me and got into his head. He then kissed her. He broke up with me. THEN we took a break Bc I felt we needed it to see how much we love each other and miss each other so I thought. He saw her again and fingered her, he got nothing in return. it was a break so I can’t get upset about it, BUT it happened and he just says she got into his head!! I hate her. We both have her blocked, but he’s not the same and I’m not either. I just don’t know if it’s worth it anymore? When I’m with him I feel something and I love him I really do. But idk If it’s Bc I’m scared of the outcome and that’s just my emotions controlling me. I’m so confused.

        1. Why did he go to a ‘toxic’ friend for advice? Ask yourself that. Ask HIM that.

  3. My boyfriend of 9 months was sexting another girl. It was going on for three weeks, by the way we are in a military relationship so we’ve had to do long distance. We had been distant in those weeks following up him coming home for two weeks but when we got here we had a huge talk and we were better than good. We were just like how we used to be, but I knew in my gut that he had done something and I went through his phone and saw videos of this girl on there. My first reaction was to break up with him and then we ended up talking for over 4 hours. I believe him when he says he will change but it just hurts so much and idk what to do.

    1. Does he know this woman, other than via text?

  4. We’ve been dating for 7months now. After the first two month, we had a little friction and we didn’t talk for a month. We’re back together now, but when I went to his place recently, I met a girl and when I asked him, he told me that he slept with her when we had friction. What do I do now, it’s hurting.?

    1. But what was she doing there now you are no longer having ‘friction’? Did he tell you that? If not, ask him.

  5. I found out in September 2019 that my boyfriend of 9 years cheated on me. He said that he wanted to make sure that I was the one and that he made a very bad mistake. As far as I know he has never cheated on me before and our relationship is really good. I am completely heartbroken and I feel like I did something wrong. We have been planning on getting married in the last year and our wedding day is in January 2019. He is doing everything right and not being a jerk or making me feel bad at all. He stated that he understand how bad he hurt me and he knows that it is going to take a while to get over. I just don’t understand what lead him to want to go look for someone else on Google Hangouts. I don’t know what to do. I love him so much and have waiting so long to get married to this man. I have forgiven him but I feel broken and I am having a hard time trusting him now. What do I do?

    1. You don’t say how long ago this happened, but infer that it was recent. You are also well advanced in planning your wedding, which is in just 2 months’ time.

      It’s not at all unusual for people to have doubts before their wedding. Did your boyfriend have other girlfriends before you? If not it’s not surprising that he occasionally wonders if he might have missed or missed out on something. Even if he has had other girlfriends, it’s not uncommon for men to feel ambivalent about the prospect of lifelong monogamy. It’s not that he actively wants other women, but that it’s harder than many women realize to turn his back on the possibility.

      Even so, what he did is a serious breach of trust. You also don’t say how you found out. Did he tell you? If so, why, if the incident was ultimately trivial and merely served to confirm his devotion to you? Or did you find out by other means?

      You say he is now doing everything right. That suggests he is genuine about wanting to marry you; and you also make it clear that he is being patient and understanding. That suggests that he contrition is also genuine. But it would be a mistake to go ahead with the marriage if you cannot forgive him. In that case you would be likely to throw the past at him every time you had a problem, and that would poison your entire relationship.

  6. I had been in a relationship with my boyfriend at college for 9 months and I recently discovered that he had been dating another girl at college .as I asked him , he refused that they are dating .but I still love him I don’t know what go do

    1. Maybe they are friends. Had you considered that?

  7. I just found out my boyfriend of 3 years cheated on me a year ago with an old coworker. He said it was on a weeknight and they went out to a bar for some drinks after work. Ended up getting tipsy and she told him a very seductive story in his car and they ended up having sex in his back seat. I am utterly heat broken just hearing about this now a year later. He keeps saying how sorry he is and swears on everything it will never happen again and how he regrets that night. I just can’t get over the fact that he probably never would have even told me if I never got it out of him. I’ve always said cheating is the one thing that will break my heart. He said he will do anything to show me how much he loves me. I’m so confused and hurt right now I don’t know what to do.

    1. “I just can’t get over the fact that he probably never would have even told me if I never got it out of him”. Do you interrogate him regularly then? How? Why? If you can’t or don’t trust him, why are you still with him?

      “I’ve always said cheating is the one thing that will break my heart.” Why have you said that? Always? Do you say it regularly then? Why?

      It sounds as if you have issues of your own. Because if you didn’t, and if this was the right relationship, you wouldn’t need to keep talking about cheating. The thought just wouldn’t be in your mind.

  8. My boyfriend cheated on me in the past and after a while I was able to move on and our relationship seemed to be stronger than ever. We have been dating for a year now and I love him with all my heart but now I found out that he cheated again (jus two months after the first instance). He says he’ll never do it again but how can I trust him ever again? I don’t want to lose him though because I love him so much. He’s begging me to forgive him and says he will do anything. He also deleted social media so he can’t contact anyone since the cheating always occurs online (snapchat). Should I believe that he truly loves me and won’t do it again or is that just me being stupid and in love?

    1. You say ‘the cheating occurs online’: is this some form of cybercheating? Or was he simply looking at porn? Presumably he wasn’t exchanging love notes with his cybertarts? There was no question of emotional involvement? Still, he does sound a bit of a plonker. And getting found out – twice – too.

  9. I hv 2kids with my husband.we went for holidays at his place the only thing I found I used condoms in his room ,he is cheating on me what should I do

    1. Your husband has his own place where you go with your children for holidays? Does this mean you are separated, in which case he may think he is free to have a sex life with other women? Otherwise why are you not living together? I’m afraid your message doesn’t really make very much very clear.

  10. My bf has so many girlfriends in the name of fans.recently i had a surgery.i found out he is pleading anothr gal for a rship.complaining of her cheating.

    1. Get another boyfriend.

  11. My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over 2 years. He went to a work conference and after a cocktail party he blacked out and woke up in someone else’s bed – they had sex. He told me 2 days later and is begging to have me back but this is the one thing i always told him and everyone else was the ultimate deal breaker for me. Now we’re here and I don’t have a clue what to do. I’ve never seen him this devastated before and he is begging me to forgive him and give him a second chance. I don’t know what to do.

    1. Issuing ultimatums is only very rarely a good idea, especially in relationships; something with which you are now having to come to terms. Either you stand by your threat, or you weasel you way out of it. Neither is what you really want, and neither bodes well either for this or for any future relationship.

      You need to think about WHY you issued the ultimatum in the first place. Why is this ‘the ultimate deal breaker for you’? Don’t you see any difference between the man who deceives his wife for years with another woman, perhaps even commits bigamy, and a man who does something really stupid once when under the influence of alcohol, and now bitterly regrets it?

      People who issue ultimatums are often secretly frightened and usually insecure. They hope (maybe even believe) that an ultimatum will protect then from the situation they most dread. Well, as you have now discovered, it doesn’t.

      People do wrong things all the time, and if they did not do so with bad intent, and are genuinely contrite, they are – or should be – forgivable. However, forgiveness is a grace that should not be abused. A person can forgive an unfaithful partner once, only to find themselves facing the same situation in the future: and having been forgiven once, the faithless partner is just a bit more confident that they will be forgiven again, and again, and again…

      You can do two things here. First, decide whether or not you can forgive this man, and continue your relationship without bitterness and constantly dragging up the past. Some quiet time apart might help you to get the situation in proportion and understand your heart.

      Second, try to approach relationships in general with a more nuanced view, instead of seeing things in black and white. Most people are flawed, but if they are kind, honourable people with good intentions then they are also worth forgiving. If you look forward to marriage or a long, stable relationship, you – and he – will have to learn to forgive each other.

  12. My boyfriend of two years is really attentive, loving, and has invested a lot into our relationship. A year ago, I found out from a friend that he’d sent a nude to this random guy he’d met on kik. I confronted him, and he quit his job so he could stay home and try to fix things with me. It felt like a positive thing, to clear the air and come clean about what he’d done. I gave him the opportunity to tell me if he’d ever done anything else, and said that if he didn’t tell me now and I found out myself, we’d break up He promised he hadn’t done anything else, and we moved past it.

    Now I just found out that before this, he’d spent a month hooking up with his ex. I found this out myself, and when I tried to confront him, I gave him several chances to confess it himself, but it wasn’t until I pried the truth from him that he admitted it. I’m devastated. He’s adamant that he’s changed, he’s not the same man he was a year ago, and that I’ve made him a better person. He said he was going to tell me eventually, but didn’t want to hurt me and make me sad.

    I’m really conflicted about the whole situation, because I see someone who’s undeniably put so much into our relationship, that supports me emotionally, and we get along really well. It hurts that he didn’t trust me with the truth the first time I caught him being disloyal, and that he hid it from me when I gave him an honest chance to confess it himself.

    I still love him, but I don’t trust him, I don’t know what to do.

    1. You can’t have a successful relationship without trust. Is he making any genuine attempt to regain your trust? Or is he just making excuses?

  13. Am pregnant n my boyfriend is cheating like never before ,I caught him n keeps apologising n I have sleepless night.I hurt him I want to leave now but its hard

    1. Why did you become pregnant in such a dysfunctional relationship? For the sake of the child, you need to get a grip on your priorities.

  14. I just found out my boyfriend of 2 years cheated on me a year ago with my daughter’s best friend. He said it only occurred when we were on break for 2 weeks but the girl claims they hooked up the first night I introduced them and it went on for months. He ultimately ended it but she would still contact him here or there. I’m not sure what to do. This happened a year ago and we’ve been through alot this past year. He swears he loves me and she was a mistake. He said he let his ego get the best of him because she was young and interested. I’m totally humiliated and hurt. Not sure if I should stay or go.

    1. What your ex says about his relationship with the younger woman may well be the truth. It IS very seductive to a middle-aged man to be pursued by a young and attractive woman (bear in mind that men’s standards of what is an attractive woman tend to be much lower than women’s). But you need to be sure that you have the full facts before you can decide whether to forgive him.

      Did it really go on for only 2 weeks? Or was it much longer?

      Against that you must balance what you have been through this past year. Has it made your relationship stronger? Take enough time to be sure that you make the right decision.

  15. I just found out my boyfriend if 6 years and father of 2 children was cheating on me with a girl he met on tinder while I was on vacation with the kids for 2 weeks. He had her at our home screwing her in our bed and telling her he loved her. We built a life together and it’s torture to let go. What do I do?

    1. Why didn’t he come with you on the holiday? Do you already have problems in your relationship? Your brief description of your situation makes this seem likely.

      To bring another woman not just into your home,but into the bed you share together, is an act of the grossest disrespect and deception. It is also, I’m sorry to say, not the kind a thing a man generally does the first time he cheats on his partner. It’s the kind of thing a man does when he’s cheated so often he no longer feels particularly guilty about it. It’s also the kind of thing a man does when he no longer cares much about being found out: maybe even wants to be found out.

      Of course this is horribly painful for you, and the pain will have been compounded by the shock. But your relationship is now in ruins, and you should probably find a good lawyer. You say your ex met this woman on tinder while you were away. Do you believe him? Have you considered the possibly that he has known her longer than that, perhaps a lot longer? Have you considered that perhaps she wasn’t the first woman he has cheated with while you have been together?

      Get some advice on your situation and your legal rights. You have your children to think about, and you need to be strong for them.

  16. Been together with my boyfriend for 6 months found out he’s been having relations with another woman our entire relationship but he swears he never had sex with her which I find it hard to believe. He apologized numerous of times said it’s his fault and he knows he messed up. I feel like he’s only sorry he got caught and I threatened him that I’m moving out of state to be with my mom. He said he would like to work it out and he doesn’t know what he was thinking. I’m really stuck here and don’t know if I should give him one last shot or leave like I intend on doing

    1. Has he been listening to Bill “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” Clinton?

      If he really has been deceiving you throughout your entire relationship, then how does he expect you to trust him now? What exactly was the nature of his ‘relations’ with this woman? Did you know of her existence but believe she was just a friend, or did he keep completely schtum about her?

      Finally you say you don’t really believe he is sorry, just sorry he got caught. Listen to what your instinct is telling you here, and don’t give him another chance against your better judgement. What does he want from you, and this other woman, and your relationship? What is he prepared to do to make up for letting you down so badly? What is he going to contribute in the future to make your relationship a success?

      You need convincing answers to these questions. Has he got them?

  17. Already 5 years and he cheat b4 …now again he cheat and the most hurtful is that he brought that woman in his room and stay for 3 days together lying to me that he is tired and sleep after work …

    1. When a man cheats more than once, either you accept that he will never be faithful, or you leave. The choice is yours; and it’s VERY important that you understand that.

      You are not powerless here. You can leave.

  18. my boyfriend and i have been together for almost a year now…..found out yesterday he was cheating on me….im just so ******* messed up right now

    1. Of course you are.

      Does your boyfriend want to leave you for this woman? Or does he want to stay and work things out? If he’s already gone, then try to teach yourself to accept you are better off without him. If he wants to stay, then you both have some serious talking to do. Take your time, and don’t make hasty decisions. You’ve had a big shock, and it will take time to recover enough to decide the best way to go from here.

  19. My boyfriend and I ave been together for 3 mths he claims he luv me nd I luv him too.i traveled last week nd he texted me dat there is sth we need to talk about I came back nd he said he cheated with his best friend/ex he apologized nd I don’t know wat to do

    1. Was he drunk? Horny? Does he still love her? Does she want him back?

      The fact that he told you himself shows that he didn’t want you to find out any other way, which at least is to his credit. Maybe he wants to be honest with you about his real motives, but he’s afraid of your reaction. Try and listen to him without going off the deep end. Then you can decide whether to forgive him this time – and this time only.

  20. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a little over 4 years. I just recently found messages between him and an ex-coworker sexting. He swears it was only two times of sexting and that he never touched her in person, he swears he wouldn’t have either way but idk. I don’t want to loose him I’ve always loved him, and he says he loves me too. we were going through a patch where neither of us wanted contact. I thought it was because my birth control and I had a consecutive period for over 3 months and felt disgusting and told him, but when I finally got over it, I wanted him and he was going through a patch then of not feeling attractive. I was always there for him and he was able to jack off to this other girl, when I was physically there for him but I wasn’t enough. Idk what to do, and I feel because of her he no longer will want me, and because of her the thought of anything sexual with him disgusts me. I love him and loved our relationship, but idk if ill ever be able to get over this.

    1. It sounds as if your health issues are at the root of the problem, but you say they have now been solved.

      It also sounds as if neither of you were able to talk to each other about how they affected your relationship. Try and do so now, calmly and without blame. That will be very hard, and will take maturity and compassion; but if you can get past this rift then your relationship can become better and stronger. It’s your first real test; so try to turn it into something positive for your future.

  21. My boyfriend and I were together for 8 months. We were really happy – at least, I thought so – but then I discovered he had been cheating on me with my best friend for more than 3 months. Now he says it didn’t mean anything – she threw herself at him and he was afraid to say no in case she told me he had come on to her – but I can’t bear thinking of them together. He wants me to forgive him and try again, but I can’t control my thoughts, they’re driving me mad. Should I forgive him? Is it the right thing? I can’t seem to think straight anymore.

    1. Do you believe his excuse? And if you do, is it acceptable to you? Can you trust a man who is unfaithful to you with your best friend for such a reason? If you can be brave enough to ask yourself these difficult questions, and answer them honestly; I think you will see that these are two people you don’t need in your life.

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